Trends 19 August 2016

Mixed metals in your home decor

The rich tones, the instant touch of glam and luxury…metallic pieces can make all the difference in an otherwise ordinary decor. Whether you’re a gold fanatic (like us) or just starting to warm up to the trend…there’s nothing better than adding a touch of richness to your home. And why stop with just one?  Mixing metals is an edgy trend that if done correctly, can look timeless.

Trends 8 August 2016

NOMAD: A fruitful collaboration with Cantin for on-the-go offices

We had the amazing opportunity to team up with Cindy Cantin from Cantin Traditions to create a limited edition capsule collection for today’s nomadic worker. Together, we developed seven intelligent and innovative products for everyday use. Just like the pieces from the Cantin collections, each has been given a name, this time in honour of the founding members of Mobilia.

Lifestyle 25 July 2016

CONTEST! Domaine du Ridge: A Quebec wine lover’s paradise

Have you ever heard of the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side”? What if it wasn’t? We become so mesmerized by what is foreign and different that we forget to enjoy the beautiful possibilities that our local communities have to offer. That is why, on June 24th, on Quebec’s national day; we decided to stay local and discover the activities that our province offers. Enter our contest, find details at the end.

Tips 8 July 2016

Mirrors: Design & Functionality

Are you looking to add some sparkle to your decor? There is nothing like a mirror to embellish a room and bring incomparable luminosity! The mirror is a functional accessory that will look great with any decor!

Trends 17 June 2016

A more Spontaneous world

Mobilia has created four worlds to facilitate the navigation and layout of different furniture styles when choosing a decor for the rooms in your home. It is simple and efficient. On one hand, some dynamic touches with worlds that are more Spontaneous and more Wow. On the other, you have the more Euro and more Natural worlds that offer tranquility.