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Lifestyle 30 November 2016

A weekend of discovery; La Grande Dégustation de Montréal

La Grande Dégustation de Montreal is a tasteful gathering of a multitude of wine producers, brewers, and distillers coming together from all around the world to share and celebrate their passion for exquisite tastes with Quebeckers. This event leaves participants with new discoveries and a better understanding of tastings from multiple countries.

Lifestyle 23 September 2016

Office essentials for the nomadic worker

Who is the nomadic worker? In the 21st century, your workspace probably rotates from an office, to coffee shop, restaurant, park, or anywhere else you can set your laptop down. Their workspace is wherever they are…this is the nomadic worker.

Lifestyle 25 July 2016

CONTEST! Domaine du Ridge: A Quebec wine lover’s paradise

If you liked this article then you will be glad to hear that Domaine du Ridge will be present at the St-Hubert Mobilia store on October 23rd ( It is our pleasure to partner up with them in order to give you a delicious afternoon filled with wine tastings and a cocktail made out of their own produce from the vineyards. Come join us on the 23rd and subscribe to our newsletter on site in exchange for the possibility of winning a pair of Domain du Ridge “Épicurien” tickets. There will be in total three lucky winners! For all questions regarding this event, please contact us at

Lifestyle 4 May 2016

London Glamorous Design: Top 3 Must Visit Places

It’s no secret that I love to travel. Sometimes I can take up to 15 flights a month. While a lot of my travel is for work, I try, no matter where I am—to explore the area a little. I find that exploring places keeps me inspired for my interior design projects and wallpaper designs. This past January I had the pleasure of visiting London for a photo shoot.

Lifestyle, Tips 3 November 2015

Home Bar:
Tips and Recipes

Much to our great delight, home bars are making a big comeback. More and more poeple are thinking about adding a bar area to their dining room or living room, because it is a piece of furniture that combines functionality and design for the pleasure of the senses.